Our FLORESTA COLLECTION is born under the nature’s influence. The beauty of its flowers and intertwined branches, grant us the possibility to light up and give a colorful look to each one of our items depicted in silver, stones and resins.

FLORESTA inspiration replicates the flowers own language, standing out the message from each one of them, in their shapes, colors and names:

Pansy: The flower of memories.

Jasmine: The perfume flower.

Chrysanthemum: Flower filled with wisdom, fairness and joy.

Lilac: The flower of appreciation, love and confidence.

Canopy and vine: Curve and irregular branches that decorate and provide distinction.

CRITAN brings live and meaning to its collection in four modes:

  • FLORESTA – Creative growth in beautiful pieces, with the purest metal’s brightness and whiteness, like silver.
  • FLORESTA FASCINATIONS – Joins two nature symbols: flowers and stones, which with their shapes and colors, grant an elegant touch and fascination to our collection.
    • Garnet: Friendship symbol.
    • Onyx: Brings happiness by relieving concerns, brings prosperity and objective thoughts.
    • Pearl: Represents innocence.
    • Turquoise: It is protective and encourages friendship.
  • FLORESTA SENSATIONS. It is a collection that combines silver with colors which evoke sensations and preserve emotions related with human perception. According to the intensity, each color is capable of producing different moods.
    • Yellow: Joy, happiness, intelligence and energy.
    • Blue: Loyalty, fidelity, personality and grace.
    • White: Purity, softness and innocence.
    • Fuchsia: Devotion, help, kindness, creativity, independence, dignity and serenity.
    • Purple: Wisdom, creativity, independence, dignity, serenity and change.
    • Orange: Energy, joy, happiness, attraction and creativity.
    • Black: Elegance, power, style and sensuality.
    • Brown: Consistency, simplicity, kindness and confidence.
    • Red: Attraction, love, passion and desire.
    • Pink: Affection, tenderness, fragility and delicacy.
    • Green: Strength, youth, freshness, hope, nature and calm.
  • FLORESTA INSPIRATIONS: Avant-garde collection in 3D. A fullness display in which its flower and branches designs, which merge with stones, fur, mesh or silver chains, enhance its splendor.
    • Agate: emotional acceptance and physical balance.
    • Amethyst: transforms negative thoughts into positive thoughts.
    • Cornelian: provides physical and emotional energy.
    • Red coral: renews vital energy and diverts negative energy.
    • Garnet: reinforces energy, imagination and self-esteem.
    • Jade: brings prosperity, longevity and good friendships.
    • Lapis lazuli: it is a shield in painful or changing circumstances.
    • Onyx: brings happiness and relieve concerns.
    • Tiger’s eye: protection against envy and jealousy.
    • Sodalite: reinforces intellect, harmonizes controversial environments.